Used Clothing Drop-Off Shed

A used clothing drop-off shed has been placed in the parking lot of Life in Christ Family Church to benefit Clinton Boy Scout Troop 9. Please use the shed to donate

all clothing, Drop off Shedshoes, and sneakers




sheets and pillowcases

curtains and drapes

stuffed toys

in useable condition (your items will not be cut up or shredded). To keep your donations clean and dry, please enclose them in a tied or closed plastic bag, if possible.

By giving your good, used items, you

  • Will be giving to needy people around the U.S. and the world;
  • Will help out the environment by keeping the items out of landfills;
  • Are eligible to receive a tax deduction.

Tax receipt forms are available at the shed.  However, please DO NOT drop off such items as

rags or fabric scraps



household goods

or anything else not listed above

Unwanted items only create a hardship since it costs to dispose of them. Thank you!




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