Pastor Peter J. Forrester has lived in the Clinton, New York area since he was a boy, growing up in Franklin Springs.  His lovely wife Adeline also grew up in Oneida County, in the village of Waterville. She was a very good Catholic; he was a nominal Presbyterian. Neither of them knew the Lord when they met in a bar towards the end of high school. Marrying in July 1977, they settled down nearby their families. Peter’s ambition was to be a cross country truck driver like his father, but God had other plans.

Adeline always knew there was something more and desired to know the Lord better. About a year into marriage, she became a Christian by herself in her bedroom, experiencing a tangible presence of God. Two years later, Peter gave his life to the Lord as well when he went forward for an altar call at an Assembly of God church.

During the next several years, the Forresters were a part of three different churches. In each one, they were very faithful, active members, working in a variety of ministries, particularly youth ministry. Peter believed the Lord was leading him to pastor and felt led to attend RHEMA Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Adeline however didn’t want to leave her family, and it was six years before God convinced her to go! Once in Oklahoma though, the Lord led Adeline to enroll in the pastoral ministry program at RHEMA Bible Training Center herself, and in 1995, Peter and Adeline graduated together.

Both Pastors Peter and Adeline Forrester are licensed and ordained ministers, and both have earned a Bachelors in Christian Counseling and a Masters in Christian Theology from Life Christian University through Life in Christ Bible School at LICFC.  Although Adeline had hoped to pastor a church in a warmer climate, God led the Forresters to raise up a Word of Faith church in their home area of Oneida County in Central New York. In 1995, they established Life in Christ Family Church in Clinton, just outside Utica.

The Forresters have a daughter Emily with husband David in Hershey, Pennsylvania; a son Peter in Clinton, New York; and they have been blessed with seven grandchildren.

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